Learn to use enriched air (NITROX) for a safer dive
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The NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course presented in this guide is a comprehensive course that teaches the student practical information needed to use oxygen enriched air. The course is presented in 14 modules, and reviews gas, explains the concept of partial pressure, covers oxygen physiology plus oxygen limits and tolerance techniques, explains how to select the right mix, and importance of the right amount of gas. It includes both procedures and tables to manage no-stop dives, incorporates dive computers and dive planning software, reviews mixing and how to obtain enriched air fills, and covers contingency procedures, as well as presenting an introduction to technical diving.

To ensure that the student has acquired the knowledge and training necessary to obtain the NAUI Enriched Air Diver certification, they will be required, at the conclusion of the course, to take and successfully pass a final examination. The minimum acceptable score is 75%.

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