Turtle Point  
Depth :

10ft (3M) to 80 ft (26 M)

Bottom :


Level :

Snorkeler , Open water diver above

Best time to dive : March to early November


The well-sheltered bay is excellent for checkout dives and night dives from the shore. Lots of chromes, fusiliers and butterfly fish inhabit the coral garden. Depth gradually increases down the gentle slope to about 20 metres. Hard corals dominate the terrain with sporadic soft corals adding a touch of colour to the monochromatic seascape. It is also one of the favourite sites to locate a diversity of nudibranch.

Shy garden eels can be observed towards the right of the bay at about 24 metres depth on the sandy bottom. Nocturnal animals include the Spanish dancer (large nudibranch swimming in mid water), moray eels and crabs.