House Wreck  
Depth :

100 ft (33 M) to 60 ft (18 M)

Bottom :


Level :

Advanced certified diver above

Best time to dive : All year


2 wooden fishing trawlers were sunk here during the mid 90’s after being caught for illegal fishing, trawling in the waters. W reck is lying approximately 10 meters apart in an upright position.

The shallower wreck with the deepest depth of 26 M at the bow and shallowest depth at about 16 M at the stern, is also used a mooring line. The wreck is partially covered with fishing net to act as a shelter for many reef fish. This place is partially good for night diving as the sponges and corals show their its true colours under the torch. Fusiliers, groupers, scorpion fish, jacks, snappers, angels can often be seen. Crocodile fish can also be seen close to the bow during the night dive or giant Moray stalking Fusiliers at the stern of the wreck. Night critters like the arrow head crab, banded shrimp lion fish are is a common sighting.