Mini Highway  
Depth :

120 ft (33 M) to 15 ft (5 M)


: Sandy
Level :

Open water to Advanced Diver

Best time to dive

: March to October

  1. A sho r t drift dive starting from a sheltered bay, Pasah Tenggara. Once out of the bay, current will sweep the divers along hard coral formations. Open water divers can stay close to the island at approx 10 m and get into Tanjung Gemuk for their safety stop in the shelter, away from the current. Advanced certified diver and above will drift pass 3 giant boulders on the deeper site. Bottoming out at 33m on the deeper end, many reef fish concentrate around here with bountiful corals and sea fans. Then divers will have to cut across the current, back to the shelter in Tanjung Gemuk, away from the drift.

  2. If the condition is right, start the entry just before mid way between Pasah Tenggara and Tanjung Gemuk, that is, you will be starting your dive in the current. There are 2 more underwater boulders and wrecks which can be found, one approx 20 m further on the third boulder. The 1 st wreck is on it s side, facing south at approximately 33m. The next is at approximately 18m. This wreck is very much broken into pieces, but there are plenty of activities and lots of sea fans. This dive is for the advanced and experienced divers only as divers will have to do their safety stop in the drifting current. (Note: experienced DM and boat man are a must, no compromise).